Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gabes room.

Although we absolutely love our house, it's not officially ours. More on that later.

But because we've been here for almost a year, I had to start making the place our own- Like taking the previous owners curtains down and painting walls. All of them, actually. I just couldn't take the disneyland colors and family hand prints on the walls, anymore! No offense! I just prefer grays and whites.

Because Gabe is our oldest and we had the room, we knew he would have his own space for more privacy, now that he's getting older and started middle school {what?!}.

We'll start with a before, so you have an idea of what I was working with. Plus, it's always fun to the see the change, and compare!

Thankfully, only those two walls were red and the other two were white, which helped a lot! And because I had bought 10 gallons of what I thought was going to be an almost grayish white, but turned out to be pure white instead, I went ahead and used it. I don't like to spend money on something I already have, if I know it'll work in the space and if it's still functional.

Since I chose to do white walls, I knew I would do something fun to accent at least one of the walls. 
I really wanted a birch print wallpaper, but the cost to hire someone to hang it would of defeated the purpose of not painting the room, the color I originally wanted, so instead, I chose the removable triangle decals. I absolutely love how much character they gave the space!

I kinda love all the fun patterns happening and even more so, cause none of them were planned. Sometimes those are the best design moments, am I right??!

His curtains and rug I already had, the Aztec pillow is from IKEA and the orange one I thrifted brand new. I wasn't going for any specific color scheme, which helped with picking fun pieces out!

His gorgeous mid century modern dresser was a thrift find and it's definitely the highlight of the room!
It's probably one of my favorite pieces I've refinished. 

My motto is, every room in the house should have a live plant and/or flowers. It shows there is life in the home and looks pretty! This even goes for my kids' rooms. 
I love this oversized succulent. It's low maintenance and adds the perfect touch to the space. Both the globe and chair were thrifted, and the little sheep skin rugs from IKEA?? Well, I'm sorta obsessed with them. I have them all over the house!

Here's a better look at that side of the room.

The small empty wall to the right really needed something, as well, so I hung a simple gallery wall and since then, have added a couple more "G's" too. 

The little deer skull hanging to the left of the entry way, is one of my favorites as well. Hubby shot it last year and I've been saving it to put in the perfect spot.

I was so happy it finally had it's own space and Gabe was excited it got to be in his room!

 Here's an overall look at the space {I know, the kid still needs a bed skirt}...

 I'm so glad I mustered up the energy to finally tackle this space! Not to mention, to see the look on his face when it was all finished. Priceless.

xo, Vera

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