Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy new year | Project ideas.

Can you believe 2015 is just hours from being over??!! I can't!!!

As the year ends, I reflect of the many ways I've been blessed this year and we could be here all night if I shared- I'm certain you all feel the same.

And with winter break ending and the kids trinkling back to school on Monday, I'm thinking of ways to spruce up the small spaces around the house. You know, the ones no one really sees, but the ones you use multiple times a day? Yeah, those.
 Once the motivation hits, I gotta take advantage of it, cause once it fades, not much happens around here, haha!

One of the spaces I'm going to tackle is the master bathroom. It's big and an overwhelming space, but right now I can only do small things to make it look pretty and functional- And I'm okay with that.

Disclaimer: I've never made a mood board before, so I'll save myself some embarrassment and won't tell you how long it took me to make this one. Thank goodness for youTube! :)

So here you are…

Once all the ideas started pouring in and I could finally put pieces to the puzzle, the excitement came bubbling up and as soon as hubby walked in the door, I bombarded him with all my ideas! Poor guy. He puts up with so much "design" stuff.

I'm hoping I'll have this done by next weekend, fingers crossed. Yes, I work fast once I have all my supplies. I'm waiting for a couple of things to show up at my door, but as soon as I finish, I promise it'll be the first thing I share with you!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends. 
Be blessed!!!

xo, Vera

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