Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Mama's Christmas living room.

I've had the task of getting my mamas Christmas tree for many years, and this year was no different. Which also led me to decorating it, as well. She always compliments on my Christmas decor and mentioned how she just doesn't have the time or energy, to do the same at her house.
So a couple of days ago, I spent a few hours at her house, while she was at work, and I worked some magic in her living room!

The fact I enjoy this, made it that much more fun.

On the other hand, besides liking all things floral, she and I have different taste. 
She loves a colorful tree, I prefer a neutral one. She loves her Angel statues, I can't… Well, you get the point. So I did my best to work around her decor and not push on her, what I like. I think that is important if you are helping someone decorate any room in their house.

When she was at my house, she fell in love with my staircase garland, so I KNEW I wanted to make one for her fireplace mantle.

It's really easy to make and we have a huge field near our house, with a giant cedar and pine trees, so I just help myself. 
It looks big, but I barely used half of what I clipped, which wasn't much to begin with! 
It's mainly cedar, but I also added some pine clippings, which are hard to see, I know.

The angel she already had, in that same spot actually, and the NOEL sign I thrifted for her.

She already had the navity and the beautiful orchid. 
On a side note: My mom has a super green thumb. ALL her orchids grow like they're on steroids and bloom more than once a year!!! I need some of her magic.

I love that the mantle has just enough. I feel it's really easy to overdress it, because there are so many things you can do with it!

Now, the tree. Do you spot the pretty ornaments I shared about yesterday??

 They look perfect with the rest of the tree!

 And lastly, the front door. 
I literally ran in and out of Goodwill with this pretty wreath. It was a whole $4. The thing I love about ANY faux wreath is, you'll have it forever and it's easy to make it even prettier!

 The way to do that is to add fresh greenery!

The berries and vine-y looking leaves are faux and I added the pine clippings I had left over from the garland. I even had some left over to take home- Win!

I love that I was able to take the time to do this for her, although she wasn't totally surprised- She came home during lunch, when I was only half way done, haha! Oh, well.

It IS the season for giving, so take the time to do something kind for someone else. I promise, you won't regret it.

xo, Vera

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