Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thrift finds & Christmas happenings.

I thrift about 3 times a week. Not just for myself, but for my shop, as well! 
You can follow me HERE and check to see if anything catches your eye!

This morning was a good morning for Christmas goodies.
My mom had asked me to keep an eye out for ornaments, for her tree.
I found 11 of these gorgeous marquis cut beauties. I wanna say they're vintage, but not 100% sure. Either way, they're beautiful and I was excited to find such a healthy amount!

I also spotted these silver, bottle brush trees from the Threshold collection. What's even better- there was a large, medium AND small!
I grabbed all three and now they're proudly displayed on the living room coffee table.

I've also been busy wrapping gifts.
Once the 4 little mice are tucked into bed, I spread everything out on the floor, by the tree, and go to town. It's SO therapeutic {without the distractions, of course}!!!

 I've been wanting to share my living room, decked out for Christmas, but it's been raining for about a week and the lighting is horrible.
As soon as I get some decent pictures, I promise, you'll be the first to know!

Only 17 days til Christmas {and 16 til my birhtday}!!!!!

xo, Vera

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