Wednesday, December 23, 2015

TV room.

The tv room is the most recent to get fresh paint. When I found out we were hosting Thanksgiving,  I knew it was the space I would tackle, as I've been putting it off. 

Instead of using this space as an office, which would of been great too, we decided to make it the family/tv room, so we could have a formal living room.

Lets start with a before.

There were two yellow walls and two white.

The entire room got a fresh coat of white paint.

Every room in the house has curtains. I feel they make a space cozy and give it a little glam. My favorite are the $10 panels from IKEA.

I also love that the french doors open up to the deck/backyard.

And that dresser, you guys!

Here's what it started out like.

I paid $50 for it and knew I really wanted it as soon as I laid eyes on it. I'll be honest, I wasn't 100% sure where I would put it, but I loved the mid century modern shape and knew I could make it work somewhere.
I absolutely hated the faux top, so hubby helped me out and I can't believe why I've never thought to do this before!

It took about 20 minutes to get the entire top off. It just peels right off when it gets hot enough.
It's still particle board under there, but still better than what was there before!

I stained the top and sides and painted the drawers a glossy white and my gosh, I'm SO glad I didn't leave this beauty behind!!!

All the drawers hold dvd's, remotes, cords and books. Perfect storage solution, considering I had none in here.

The opposite end has a gallery wall of floral oil paintings and a comfy couch. 

I've recently become an 80 year old grandma and slowly started collecting floral paintings. I've had a secret love for them, but never thought I could make them work in my home!
Most of them I thrifted, but a couple I found on eBay, Marshalls and at an antique mall.

I think I'm done moving things around and painting for a while, so I feel like I can finally relax a bit and enjoy the fruits of my labor!

Also, 2 days til Christmas!!!!!

xo, Vera

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