Sunday, January 17, 2016

Weekend at the snow.

The one great thing about living in the PNW is you get all 4 seasons to the fullest- so we packed our bags and headed a few hours east to get our snow fix.

I wish I could say I came home relaxed and rejuvinated after being away for 3 days, but we all know that aint true, when your traveling with young kids. We did enjoy ourselves, though!

We played in the snow, lounged around, ate yummy food and went ice-skating. 
I had all my family with me {sisters, brother and my mom}, too. We hadn't done a weekend all together in a while, and thought it would be fun for all the cousins.

We are back at home, now, and back to reality tomorrow morning. 
Thankfully the kids don't have school tomorrow, so we can properly un-pack and relax before we REALLY start the week, on Tuesday.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, as well, and I'm hoping I'll have some pictures of the finished master bathroom sometime this week {fingers crossed}, too!

xo, Vera

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