Friday, February 5, 2016


I'm so glad it's finally Friday, but I had a rough night.

#3 was up half of the night with a stomach ache, which this morning turned into the stomach bug. For the second time in 3 weeks. 

But that sunrise, from when I walked outside this morning, was a sweet confirmation that God is still good. 

I also started this amazing study by Priscilla Shirer 3 weeks ago, about strengthening our prayer life, and I absolutely love it! It was definitely an area I needed to focus on, in my life.

Other than that, things have been pretty quiet around here. 
I haven't been out much for the last couple of weeks, so I don't venture to my favorite thrift stores or Target for that matter, and buy things I don't need. Because we all know we can't walk out of Target without spending at LEAST $50 on things we had no intentions of buying. 

I know there's still a little over a month until the official first day of Spring, but we've had some sunshine around here and it makes me SO happy!!!

Spring is by far my favorite season, so I am impatiently awaiting for all new life to start blooming!!!

Hope your all having a good week and enjoy your weekend!!!

xo, Vera

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