Saturday, February 20, 2016


Today was one of those days, where you left all the chores and everything else behind and headed outside. 

It had been raining for the last 3 days, so when we woke up to sunshine and dry weather, I knew we needed to take advantage of it.

Since Gabe {the oldest} was at a church camp and hubby was working, I decided to take the kids to the park. I needed the fresh air as much as they needed to get some energy out.

They got to play on the playground and I got to snap some pictures of the first signs of Spring.

 The Camellia's had just started to bloom and my gosh, they are just stunning!!!

They had about 4 different kinds and I just wanted to dig the bushes up and take them home with me!!!

This striped pink one was my favorite.

This girl. She is a girl after momma's own heart. She loves flowers just as much as I do and her future job is to be a floral assistant.

Even the boys smiled for some pictures!

We took a walk around the historical neighborhood and took pictures of pretty houses, too.

Those shutters slay me!

And overgrown porches…

And more flowers, sigh.

 And this darling, mint colored house. #allthehearteyes

or how about these Hellebores?!

 After I exhausted the kids as much as I could, we headed for dessert- Cookies, brownies and cake for this mama. And more flowers, of course.

 Now, those chores that were put aside are now waiting…

Enjoy your weekend!!!

xo, Vera

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