Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Noah's 7th birthday.

Between Noah's actual birthday, leaving for Spring break, Easter and life, it's been busy around here!
But better late than never, right??!

I procrastinated til the last minute, cause I just wasn't planning on throwing a party for this guy, but he kept asking, so I pulled myself by the boot straps and scrambled the night before to come up with a fun theme for the party- Which means the day of, I was the crazy lady hitting up 5 stores in less than 3 hrs to get everything I needed. Phew!

After I had set everything up, I was so glad I took the time to do it. I always feel like it's more fun for me, than them, actually. Getting there is the hard part.

The boys are obsessed with all things rocks and minerals, so I figured why not make a theme out of it. Noah was so excited!!!

I kept it fairly simple. 

I used rocks from the boys' collection, bought lanterns that were shaped like diamonds and even found salt/pepper shakers that went well with all the shapes!

I love using unexpected items- That's what makes the process so fun!

For dessert, I made cupcakes and topped them with crushed up rock candy. Aren't they so fun!

The tassels, cupcake toppers and banner I found at TJ Maxx and they were so well priced, I couldn't pass them up. AND it saved me so much time, since I didn't need to make any of them myself.
Extra bonus: because they're neutrals, I can use them for all my kids' parties.

These two absolutely hate taking pictures {like father, like son}, so the fact that I could get them to smile for me needed to be documented!

 Here's an overall look at the space.

 Now, with this party tucked away, I gotta plan Gabes birthday- It's this Friday. And then Charlie's next month. Wish me luck!!!

xo, Vera

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