Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wooden shoe tulip festival.

It was close to 80 degrees, it took us an extra hour to get there cause of traffic and we had 7 kids between the two of us. Worth it? you decide. 

This is only my 2nd year coming to the tulip festival, but I've already decided that it would be an annual thing. I'm a flower addict, for goodness sakes. 
Next year I'll just have to plan on coming on a weekday, instead.

The colors exploding on this one field of Tulips was insane. You couldn't help but be happy, whether you actually were or not.
Don't believe me? My boys are actually smiling. In a field of flowers. It's not a coincidence, people.

And the fact that I brought my girlfriend with me and not my hubby was probably a wise choice. 
Two women on a mission to take pretty pictures surpasses all whining and heat that could of been thrown at us. 

We promised the kids they would get ice-cream for good behavior and extra smiles, but really, the ice-cream was for us, for surviving the zoo.

 We also treated them to these barrel rides and I'll be honest, I actually enjoyed it as much as they did!
It felt good to be pulled by a tractor after all the walking. 

Not to mention, the view was quite spectacular.

And this view. 
His new thing is to tilt his head to the side. Probably cause he knows that it makes him look extra cute.

I'm also glad we didn't change after church. Cause there's something so magical about being dressed up and playing matchy-matchy with the flowers. And her hat- that she wore all on her own. *sigh*

I wanted so badly to get close to the windmill and get some amazing shots, but the line was ridiculous and the kids were losing their patience, so this was the best I was gonna get. The flowers steal the show, anyway.

 We complained about the heat, but you guys, as soon as we pulled in the driveway, it started to pour. 
Such a blessing to have gone at the perfect time!

Until next year, beauties. 

xo, Vera

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