Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lilac gardens.

This last Saturday, I finally carved out time to drive up to the lilac garden with my mom and Isabelle.
I'd been planning on going for a couple of weeks, but other things kept coming up and the weather has been so unpredictable. 

Unfortunately, when we had 80 degree weather a couple of weeks ago, it cut the lilac season short, cause the heat just scorched them. Such a shame…
But because it was an hour and a half drive for us, we made the most of our trip and there was still plenty to see, making the trip worthwhile.

If your ever near woodland, WA during this time of year, I highly recommend a visit. Not only are the gardens beautiful, but the history of Hulda Kilger is interesting and being able to tour her beautiful home is icing on the cake. It was Isabelle's favorite part. 

It amazes me how much she takes after me. All of my passions are hers, and not because I force them on her. I just love her…

 And the scent, you guys. Ooooooh, the scent…

 There is hidden seating through out the garden/property and picnic tables and I seriously could have stayed all day and just sat. 

After walking around as much as we could {considering most of the lilacs were done for the season} and on the way out, a kind lady offered to take a picture of the three of us. 
This picture makes me so happy. 
After she took the picture she asked if this was 3 generations and I told her yes, I continued "but actually 4, counting Leah, the American girl doll." 
Isabelle treats her dolls as if they're her babies, so it was only fair, haha!

Afterwards we headed to lunch, where we ate yummy food and then made our way home. 
My mom was even gracious enough to come over a couple of hours later and babysit the kids so hubby and I could go out for a date night. Love her.

Ending my weekend with a full heart and I hope you are too- Enjoy your week, friends!!!

xo, Vera

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