Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer sunsets.

I have recently become absolutely obsessed with capturing a gorgeous sunset on my phone/camera. 
Why? I couldn't tell you. Maybe it's because getting older means you notice things around you, you never really appreciated- Yes, that's it.

I've literally driven out in my pajama's to chase one down. Sat on the side of the road out in the country to watch one change the sky every 5min and stood in the Wal-Mart parking lot with my phone as I marveled in awe. There is just something magical about it. 

Take a look and tell me I'm wrong...

All this one was missing was a unicorn. Seriously. 

These last three are from our camping trip. One sunset, three amazing captures. 

The pacific northwest really is amazing. 

I've had evenings made just from being in the car and being able to watch as the sky puts on a show. God doesn't disappoint. Ever. 

xo, Vera

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