Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Seasonal tablescape.

I made plans to go see a girlfriend at her gorgeous, new home and while we were planning our visit, I asked her if she would let me invade a little corner of her kitchen for some pretty pictures.
She laughed and said she would love it!

Every year, whether I host Thanksgiving or not, I LOVE to put together a seasonal table scape for inspiration and ideas and just to get some creative juices out of my system.

So when I spotted that gorgeous candelabra in my friends garage, I immediately knew that I wanted to put together a pretty table, around it. 
It's a stunning piece and perfect with the bright blooms I used!

Also, I didn't spend one penny on this entire set up!
All the gorgeous roses and greenery were foraged, the persimmons came from another friends tree and all my table ware {and chairs} I brought with me- It literally looked like I was moving in, haha!

The key to a great table isn't all new things. I feel most successful when everything on my table comes from my home! Shopping your own house is always best and if there's an extra special piece that you absolutely love, then splurge!
If I'm buying new dishes, I always purchase all white, because they can be used year round, for any event! 
It totally helped that my girlfriend has a gorgeous table, but if you absolutely dislike yours, use a table cloth! Adding a printed table cover can even make a space pop, especially if it's empty or neutral.

To dress up the dishes, I love using edible pieces. 
If your hosting, adding names is a great way to personalize each space. Also, leaving the leaves on your fruit or veggie adds texture and visual interest to the table, but if the fruit your using is store bought and doesn't have the leaves, magnolia leaves look beautiful!

If I were using this table scape for an actual event, I would also add some tea light candles to add warmth to the space. 

When your dressing up your table, remember to use what's in season!
Seasonal items are easier to forage {if your going that route} and help your table to look more authentic. Reds, oranges and plum colored shades are perfect for Autumn, while pinks and lilacs work well for Spring.

Here are some more close ups...

I absolutely love garden grown roses- they're imperfect, yet so beautiful.

And don't dismiss those pretty rose hips! They add so much interest to the arrangement!

And just one more look...

STILL need more ideas? I love to browse Pinterest for inspiration. Just remember, if your going to re-create something, to always put your signature touch on it. 

I hope this triggers some fun ideas for your own table!

xo, Vera

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