Thursday, December 22, 2016

Flower pop-ups.

My flower adventure continues as I pursue it as a part time business and it has been nothing short of fun!

I've been able to participate in 3 pop ups at local boutiques and I've loved the challenges it's brought, the learning process and support I've gotten from family and friends.

But my biggest supporter has been my hubby and I can't tell you how much it has meant to me that he was so encouraging when I first started. 

There have definitely been moments of doubt, whether this is really the path I should of taken, but all the encouragement I've gotten from all of you has been my saving grace! If only you knew!

Thankfully it slowed down a little before Christmas and at first I was bummed, but now so thankful, so I can really enjoy this time with family. My January and February already have some fun things happening, so I'm grateful for the down time!

I'm SO excited for the new year- Bring it on, 2017!!!

And again, thank you again for following along, reading my posts, commenting and liking my pictures, it really means the world!!!

xo, Vera

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