Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Autumn via flowers.

When Autumn gives the most beautiful shades and textures of flowers, you play. And that I did.
Bright, but moody colors make for the perfect Autumn palette- whether your putting together something for yourself or a bride.

And I couldn't have thought of a more perfect model, to exude just the mood needed for these stunning pictures. 

My cousin Alesa is not an actual model, just really good in front of the camera. Wouldn't you agree?!

Okay, back to the florals. The greens were all foraged and all my dahlia's come from a local farm, when in season. There's a million other things I could of and wanted to add, but all that texture made it for a fun and beautiful arrangement. Sometimes less is more.

 Also, can we talk about that brick and door? One of my favorite backdrops downtown.

And who else likes to see the person behind the creations? There's always something intriguing about seeing the creator/ maker, no? Maybe I'm the only one.
I also happened to be the photographer that day, so here I am with the gorgeous bouquet, not dressed for the occasion. Hey, at least my sneakers match. ha!

I'm so glad I finally got to share more pictures of this stunning piece. It needed to be in the spot light for just a little longer. And I hope you agree.

Thank you for stopping by and scrolling through these little snaps. There's something special about being able to share the things you make, with others.


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