Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Defining your style.

I recently read a great blog post by one of my new favorite bloggers Kimberly Duran from Swoon Worthy. This is a post I wish I would of had access to years ago, because it would of helped me from making purchases that I now regret.

Kimberly helps you figure out your personal style, when it comes to your home, by scrolling through your Pinterest boards. It may be a silly thing to some, but I value advice that can help me understand what I love, but what is realistic to put in my own home.

I already knew what I loved, but pin-pointing exactly what it is I love and would actually put in my house helped me so much, and after scanning my Pinterest boards, I was able to get my 3 buzz words, as Kimberly puts it. 

"Old world modern glam"

I know, it sounds silly, weird, and might not make any sense, but I'll give you some examples of how all of these things can work in one room and not look like a circus.

Old World:
I think this is where my love for vintage comes in. Although I love all eras of vintage, my favorite is definitely the romantic, baroque era, intricate detail kind of vintage. 

Now, if you look at my house, you would NOT say that it's modern in any way, and this is true. I do own a few pieces that are definitely mid century modern, but I chose this word mainly for the minimalism of this style. I do love a touch of modern, but I mainly love an un-cluttered home. I don't need a million trinkets and a picture on every wall of the house to make me happy. 

Although I don't need much stuff, I DO, however, need some wow pieces in the room, that make it
feel luxurious and glamorous. This buzz word could heavily lean towards Hollywood regency, too. 

Now, if your still wondering how in the world such different styles could possibly work together, let me show you. None of these have "modern" marked anywhere, because there isn't much in the pictures, in terms of "stuff", and I love that. These rooms are beautiful and simple and still make a statement with the few pieces that are in the room.

The pretty desk in this picture below has a very clean, modern look, especially the legs- but look, they're lucite! So glam!!!

If only my home looked like these images! #hearteyes

I'm currently working on a Spring makeover in the living room, but as soon as it's done, I will share some images with you and show you how my 3 buzz words fit in- and without breaking the bank!
I'm hoping someone out there could find this as beneficial as I did!

Happy decorating!!!

xo, Vera

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