Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy new year | Project ideas.

Can you believe 2015 is just hours from being over??!! I can't!!!

As the year ends, I reflect of the many ways I've been blessed this year and we could be here all night if I shared- I'm certain you all feel the same.

And with winter break ending and the kids trinkling back to school on Monday, I'm thinking of ways to spruce up the small spaces around the house. You know, the ones no one really sees, but the ones you use multiple times a day? Yeah, those.
 Once the motivation hits, I gotta take advantage of it, cause once it fades, not much happens around here, haha!

One of the spaces I'm going to tackle is the master bathroom. It's big and an overwhelming space, but right now I can only do small things to make it look pretty and functional- And I'm okay with that.

Disclaimer: I've never made a mood board before, so I'll save myself some embarrassment and won't tell you how long it took me to make this one. Thank goodness for youTube! :)

So here you are…

Once all the ideas started pouring in and I could finally put pieces to the puzzle, the excitement came bubbling up and as soon as hubby walked in the door, I bombarded him with all my ideas! Poor guy. He puts up with so much "design" stuff.

I'm hoping I'll have this done by next weekend, fingers crossed. Yes, I work fast once I have all my supplies. I'm waiting for a couple of things to show up at my door, but as soon as I finish, I promise it'll be the first thing I share with you!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends. 
Be blessed!!!

xo, Vera

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Isabelles room.

It has been raining cats and dogs for the past couple of weeks, but we FINALLY got some sunshine yesterday and today, so I figured I'd take advantage of the light and photograph Isabelle's room!

Her room has taken me the longest to complete, because of the odd shape of the space, it's big and half of her furniture needed to be re-finished. Slowly but surely, we got there!

Here are some before's, so you know what I was working with.

And here is the after!

Since Isabelle is my only girl, I really wanted her room to be girly and reflect her personality- Sweet, nurturing and caring. When the paint was being mixed for her, she had a smile from one ear to the other! She was so excited!

Thankfully only that big wall was in neon colors, but no doubt, it still took 3 coats to get it covered.
There's multiple big walls in here, and I was a bit puzzled how I would fill them all, without it looking cluttered. 
I decided to have one gallery wall and the other two have minimal hangings. 

I love how the gallery wall turned out.

 I may add a couple more things to it, but I'm happy with the result.
The opening you see below this wall is actually an extra playroom! Instead of wasting space, they made it into a little extra room and this mom loves it! It's where all the toys are hidden and she loves playing tea party in there with her dolls and girlfriends. The boys have one in their room as well, but that's for another day :)

Her bed is a craigslist find from a few years ago and I still love it as much as I did when I first got it! 
It's all sorts of frilly and girly. And solid and heavy.

Isabelle will be 9 in a couple of days, but she is still a hardcore doll lover and plays with them all the time. When her bed is made, it's covered with almost all of them! 
And of course a thousand pillows. Because why not!

Her little bedside sconce I found at World Market and it's perfect for the little corner.
I used pink yarn to cover the black cord, to make it more fun.

As you can tell from the "before" pictures, her pretty vintage dresser needed some love. 
We painted it when we first got it, but that was about 8 years ago. I've had two boys since then- boys who loved finding permanent markers and using anything and everything as a canvas for those markers. 

It took hours and hours, but I was determined to get it sanded down to the raw wood. It's a gorgeous light colored solid wood. And the original glass knobs are my favorite!

And there's that huge wall. I decided to keep it pretty empty, except for that canvas that I free handed. 
There was a beautiful piece of art that I wanted, but didn't want to pay the price tag, so I made this instead. 

The classic Louis chair was thrifted as well. 
Here's what it looked like when I first re-did it about 5 years ago.

About a week after I re-upholstered it, Charlie took black mascara to it and as hard as I tried, it just wouldn't completely come out. 
Long story short, it was hard work redoing it AGAIN, but so worth it! I love the gray ikat print fabric {I know, it looks purple}. I found it at Jo Anns for under $10 for almost 2 yds!

The white curtains I got at IKEA {surprise, surprise} and I love how weightless and airy they look in here.

 I'm actually thinking I might get some more for the window above the desk.

 I know the peach desk sort of clashes with the walls, cause when I first painted the walls, I thought they'd be a shade lighter, but it was too late to go back and redo them. 

 Her desk accessories are simple, although on any other given day, before her room is cleaned, she'll have all sorts of stuff piled on top of it.

Another disclaimer: her room is NOT always this clean. I had to pick up several things in order to get shots of a "clean" room. 
My kids play with their toys and they're always all over the room, so I promise my house is never picture ready, haha!

Hope you enjoyed this little girls room, and now, this mom needs to get dinner started!

xo, Vera

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

I'm a little late, cause it was so busy around here, but I pray that you had the most wonderful and blessed time with your family and friends. 

Hope you finish off the year strong and may the new year bring you joy, peace and so much of God's love!!!

xo, Vera

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

TV room.

The tv room is the most recent to get fresh paint. When I found out we were hosting Thanksgiving,  I knew it was the space I would tackle, as I've been putting it off. 

Instead of using this space as an office, which would of been great too, we decided to make it the family/tv room, so we could have a formal living room.

Lets start with a before.

There were two yellow walls and two white.

The entire room got a fresh coat of white paint.

Every room in the house has curtains. I feel they make a space cozy and give it a little glam. My favorite are the $10 panels from IKEA.

I also love that the french doors open up to the deck/backyard.

And that dresser, you guys!

Here's what it started out like.

I paid $50 for it and knew I really wanted it as soon as I laid eyes on it. I'll be honest, I wasn't 100% sure where I would put it, but I loved the mid century modern shape and knew I could make it work somewhere.
I absolutely hated the faux top, so hubby helped me out and I can't believe why I've never thought to do this before!

It took about 20 minutes to get the entire top off. It just peels right off when it gets hot enough.
It's still particle board under there, but still better than what was there before!

I stained the top and sides and painted the drawers a glossy white and my gosh, I'm SO glad I didn't leave this beauty behind!!!

All the drawers hold dvd's, remotes, cords and books. Perfect storage solution, considering I had none in here.

The opposite end has a gallery wall of floral oil paintings and a comfy couch. 

I've recently become an 80 year old grandma and slowly started collecting floral paintings. I've had a secret love for them, but never thought I could make them work in my home!
Most of them I thrifted, but a couple I found on eBay, Marshalls and at an antique mall.

I think I'm done moving things around and painting for a while, so I feel like I can finally relax a bit and enjoy the fruits of my labor!

Also, 2 days til Christmas!!!!!

xo, Vera

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas living room.

Once Thanksgiving is done, it's full on Christmas around here. The tree is hunted and cut the day after and the decking begins as soon as we come home.

Unfortunately this winter, it's been pouring buckets and buckets of rain, so it's been really hard to photograph anything in the house.
Thankfully we finally got some sun the other day and I was able to get some pretty pictures of the living room!

But first, let me show you what it started out like.

Not bad, yeah? But I just wasn't in love.
And then we got the tree. Again, something was off and I couldn't put my finger on it. Whenever I hit a decorating wall, I log on to Pinterest and just scroll through pictures. 

Got it. The furniture placement.
I've grown up with couches placed against walls, so that's what I've always done. This time, though, it just didn't work for me.

So I moved half of the room around and all is well. 

And the tree got moved in the center of the bay window.

I love being able to see it out the window when I'm outside. 

Most of the ornaments are the same ones I've had for years and years, but I did clean out my ornament bin and got rid of maybe 1/4 of ones I just didn't need or never used, so that made room for some new ones, that I ended up thrifting.

Here's a couple of different angles of the room, so you get a better idea of what I did.

I moved the chairs to the opposite side of the room and I might move them back, once the tree is gone. But I do like them by the mirror, so we'll see.

No, I didn't go buy a new mirror, but I probably would have if we didn't already have this one in our room. Since it wasn't hung, I thought I'd try it in here and my gosh, I just love it!

I'm sort of obsessed with wreaths this year, and especially wreaths over mirrors. This one is faux and I snuck some cedar clippings in there, to fill it up.

Here are the bottle brush trees I thrifted the other day.

One thing I was most excited about, was being able to decorate our staircase. I knew I wanted a garland, but didn't want to purchase it, cause I needed quite a bit, so I made it, instead!
If you read the last post, you saw the one I made for my moms mantel and it really is easy, just time consuming.

 But I'm so glad I took the time to do it!

I hung ribbon and small ornaments too, to make it sparkle, just a little.

I've since added a small cedar garland to the top of the mirror, but again, there just wasn't enough good light for me to get a good picture, sigh.

I feel like I'll be decking til Christmas cause theres always something else I think of, that I'll want to try, but at least the living room is done!

Now, to move on to the next room…

xo, Vera