Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Autumn via flowers.

When Autumn gives the most beautiful shades and textures of flowers, you play. And that I did.
Bright, but moody colors make for the perfect Autumn palette- whether your putting together something for yourself or a bride.

And I couldn't have thought of a more perfect model, to exude just the mood needed for these stunning pictures. 

My cousin Alesa is not an actual model, just really good in front of the camera. Wouldn't you agree?!

Okay, back to the florals. The greens were all foraged and all my dahlia's come from a local farm, when in season. There's a million other things I could of and wanted to add, but all that texture made it for a fun and beautiful arrangement. Sometimes less is more.

 Also, can we talk about that brick and door? One of my favorite backdrops downtown.

And who else likes to see the person behind the creations? There's always something intriguing about seeing the creator/ maker, no? Maybe I'm the only one.
I also happened to be the photographer that day, so here I am with the gorgeous bouquet, not dressed for the occasion. Hey, at least my sneakers match. ha!

I'm so glad I finally got to share more pictures of this stunning piece. It needed to be in the spot light for just a little longer. And I hope you agree.

Thank you for stopping by and scrolling through these little snaps. There's something special about being able to share the things you make, with others.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Flower pop-ups.

My flower adventure continues as I pursue it as a part time business and it has been nothing short of fun!

I've been able to participate in 3 pop ups at local boutiques and I've loved the challenges it's brought, the learning process and support I've gotten from family and friends.

But my biggest supporter has been my hubby and I can't tell you how much it has meant to me that he was so encouraging when I first started. 

There have definitely been moments of doubt, whether this is really the path I should of taken, but all the encouragement I've gotten from all of you has been my saving grace! If only you knew!

Thankfully it slowed down a little before Christmas and at first I was bummed, but now so thankful, so I can really enjoy this time with family. My January and February already have some fun things happening, so I'm grateful for the down time!

I'm SO excited for the new year- Bring it on, 2017!!!

And again, thank you again for following along, reading my posts, commenting and liking my pictures, it really means the world!!!

xo, Vera

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Seasonal tablescape.

I made plans to go see a girlfriend at her gorgeous, new home and while we were planning our visit, I asked her if she would let me invade a little corner of her kitchen for some pretty pictures.
She laughed and said she would love it!

Every year, whether I host Thanksgiving or not, I LOVE to put together a seasonal table scape for inspiration and ideas and just to get some creative juices out of my system.

So when I spotted that gorgeous candelabra in my friends garage, I immediately knew that I wanted to put together a pretty table, around it. 
It's a stunning piece and perfect with the bright blooms I used!

Also, I didn't spend one penny on this entire set up!
All the gorgeous roses and greenery were foraged, the persimmons came from another friends tree and all my table ware {and chairs} I brought with me- It literally looked like I was moving in, haha!

The key to a great table isn't all new things. I feel most successful when everything on my table comes from my home! Shopping your own house is always best and if there's an extra special piece that you absolutely love, then splurge!
If I'm buying new dishes, I always purchase all white, because they can be used year round, for any event! 
It totally helped that my girlfriend has a gorgeous table, but if you absolutely dislike yours, use a table cloth! Adding a printed table cover can even make a space pop, especially if it's empty or neutral.

To dress up the dishes, I love using edible pieces. 
If your hosting, adding names is a great way to personalize each space. Also, leaving the leaves on your fruit or veggie adds texture and visual interest to the table, but if the fruit your using is store bought and doesn't have the leaves, magnolia leaves look beautiful!

If I were using this table scape for an actual event, I would also add some tea light candles to add warmth to the space. 

When your dressing up your table, remember to use what's in season!
Seasonal items are easier to forage {if your going that route} and help your table to look more authentic. Reds, oranges and plum colored shades are perfect for Autumn, while pinks and lilacs work well for Spring.

Here are some more close ups...

I absolutely love garden grown roses- they're imperfect, yet so beautiful.

And don't dismiss those pretty rose hips! They add so much interest to the arrangement!

And just one more look...

STILL need more ideas? I love to browse Pinterest for inspiration. Just remember, if your going to re-create something, to always put your signature touch on it. 

I hope this triggers some fun ideas for your own table!

xo, Vera

Friday, October 14, 2016

Pursuing my dreams.

First off, I haven't blogged since July- shame on me. 
Summer always gets busy with activities before sending the kiddo's off to school and that's just the last thing on my mind.

Second, I finally did it. I'm finally pursuing my dream of working with flowers!!!

Ever since I was young, I've been drawn to flowers {I'm sure you know, if you've been following along long enough}. The simple beauty captivated me and still does.
As I got older, I learned that my love and passion for working with them, was something I wanted to pursue as a career- but life and babies happened.

But my gosh, time flies and now that all my babies are in school full time, I have the freedom to do something I enjoy. 
For months I'd been contemplating whether I would go back to work, but the flower thing kept coming back to mind. I'd wanted to do it for so long and now that I had the freedom to, fear and the unknown had taken over any fun or exciting thought I had about it. 

After having a conversation with a friend and telling her how I was feeling, she encouraged me enough that I knew I needed to just go for it. 

I figured- pursuing my dream and failing at it was still better than not pursuing it at all and always wondering what could of been. 

I'm starting out slow and I haven't officially made an Instagram page or anything of the sort, but when I originally was thinking of a name for the blog, I knew that it needed to be something that I would use for my flower business, to keep it all tied together. 

So here goes nothing! Dreams to reality.

If I could just encourage you to pursue whatever it is you love, like my friend did, I would in person, but this little space is all I have- So go get it, girl!


Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer sunsets.

I have recently become absolutely obsessed with capturing a gorgeous sunset on my phone/camera. 
Why? I couldn't tell you. Maybe it's because getting older means you notice things around you, you never really appreciated- Yes, that's it.

I've literally driven out in my pajama's to chase one down. Sat on the side of the road out in the country to watch one change the sky every 5min and stood in the Wal-Mart parking lot with my phone as I marveled in awe. There is just something magical about it. 

Take a look and tell me I'm wrong...

All this one was missing was a unicorn. Seriously. 

These last three are from our camping trip. One sunset, three amazing captures. 

The pacific northwest really is amazing. 

I've had evenings made just from being in the car and being able to watch as the sky puts on a show. God doesn't disappoint. Ever. 

xo, Vera

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lavender Lake Farm.

Every year when the lavender starts blooming, I visit one of my favorite places- the lavender farm. It's only a 30min drive for me, but makes me feel like I'm in a different country, when I'm there.

This year, unfortunately, it wasn't a pleasant visit. 

Somewhere between last summer and this year, the farm was sold to someone else, and is no longer open to the public, but nowhere was it posted, so I just had no idea. 
Since my sis-in-law wanted some maternity/family pictures, I figured we could get two birds with one stone and headed there. 
An hour into our visit, the owner {not kindly} asked us to leave. It makes me so sad that my very last visit to this beautiful place left me with an unpleasant memory. Thankfully though, we were still able to get some gorgeous shots.

This is definitely one of my favorite captures!!!

And this English lavender… Just gorgeous.

This year, the lavender bloomed earlier than last year {along with everything else}, so I only had Charlie with me, since all the other kiddo's were still in school.

He only whined a little bit, about being bored, so since it was pretty warm that day we had some ice cream to cool us down, later.

 Ah, now there's that smile. 
Love my little side kick when everyone else is at school.

Now, I just need to find another lavender farm I can visit...

xo, Vera

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Charlie's 5th birthday.

When all four kids have birthdays back to back, #4 kind of gets forgotten and doesn't have a party- but this year I vowed to change that. 

I didn't do anything super special, but instead wanted Charlie to feel special. He did, after all, turn 5 and will start school in the Fall, which is a big deal around here!

 I grabbed some balloons, baked a cake out of the box, used left over decorations from brothers party and called it good.

 He didn't mind one bit. 

We had a full house of cousins and I loved seeing how excited he was everyone was there for him.

 I can't believe I only have this summer left with him and then ALL of the kids will be in school. *sigh*

But I'll definitely have more time to plan those birthday parties, ha!

Cheers to another year, little buddy.

xo, Vera