Monday, May 23, 2016

Lexington's Baby shower.

Between my sis-in-laws baby shower and Charlie's birthday party, I feel like I've been partying all weekend! Just throw in some cleaning and really it was a productive one.

This shower has been in the planning for about a couple of weeks and we are SO pleased and excited with how it turned out!
I love seeing a vision come to life- there's just nothing more satisfying.

My {other} sis-in-law and I did a fantastic job working together on this event. Mostly I just drive her crazy and she lets me. Maybe thats why we work so well together? You decide. 

I told her she needs to quit her day job and we could go into business planning parties. I was serious, she thinks I'm joking. 

I'm warning you, I took LOTS of pictures, so bear with me as I ooooh and aaaah over how pretty it was, all over again…

Since this wasn't a surprise shower, the three of us kind of came up with a "theme". 
We went with a woodsy tea party soiree- almost a take on Alice in Wonderland, if you will.

There were lots of flowers, tea pots and pretty cups involved and it was absolutely stunning.
We added touches of rustic wood, like wooden mushrooms and little branch confetti and it balanced out the feminine details so well.

This fun barrel was the first thing you saw when you walked in. 

I love his nickname spelled out in blocks…

And then the table, sigh…

Too many pretty details. 
I love the lace banner Natalie made above the table. 

And the simple tea cups hung from the chandelier.

We used wood rounds, tea cups and books to give the table decor some height.

Most everything we used we already had, but we did get some extra tea cups with saucers and other small details to complete the look we wanted. 

Thankfully we didn't spend a penny on flowers- They were ALL from my garden!!! 
Flowers are always my favorite detail of any party, so to be able to use something we wanted to purchase anyway was a huge plus.

We actually had so many extras, we were able to place them all around the house, in small vases and tea cups.

I love that all three of us divided and conquered responsibilities and really, not knowingly.
Amelia {baby mama} took care of the food…

And actually, she and I spent 4hrs the day before, making macaroons. Because she's ambitious. 
You guys, I don't know how people make these for a living- so stressful! ha! 
BUT, even though they weren't the prettiest, they for sure were so good!

Natalie {her sister} hosted at her house, made the banners and purchased whatever extra we needed..

And I did most of the decorating. 

 I think any successful party should be credited to the team involved. It's much easier when everyone has a part they play.

I know this isn't everyones jam and not everyone appreciates decor and details, but I live and breath this sort of thing. It's my happy place. It's my therapy.

I Love this girl. She's going to be an amazing mom to her two boys!

 I ended up coming home to a silent house that evening and was gonna nap, but decided to clean instead. And I'm so glad I did, cause little did I know I was gonna plan another party at OUR house, in less than 24hrs…

Thus is life. 

 xo, Vera

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