Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lavender Lake Farm.

Every year when the lavender starts blooming, I visit one of my favorite places- the lavender farm. It's only a 30min drive for me, but makes me feel like I'm in a different country, when I'm there.

This year, unfortunately, it wasn't a pleasant visit. 

Somewhere between last summer and this year, the farm was sold to someone else, and is no longer open to the public, but nowhere was it posted, so I just had no idea. 
Since my sis-in-law wanted some maternity/family pictures, I figured we could get two birds with one stone and headed there. 
An hour into our visit, the owner {not kindly} asked us to leave. It makes me so sad that my very last visit to this beautiful place left me with an unpleasant memory. Thankfully though, we were still able to get some gorgeous shots.

This is definitely one of my favorite captures!!!

And this English lavender… Just gorgeous.

This year, the lavender bloomed earlier than last year {along with everything else}, so I only had Charlie with me, since all the other kiddo's were still in school.

He only whined a little bit, about being bored, so since it was pretty warm that day we had some ice cream to cool us down, later.

 Ah, now there's that smile. 
Love my little side kick when everyone else is at school.

Now, I just need to find another lavender farm I can visit...

xo, Vera

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Charlie's 5th birthday.

When all four kids have birthdays back to back, #4 kind of gets forgotten and doesn't have a party- but this year I vowed to change that. 

I didn't do anything super special, but instead wanted Charlie to feel special. He did, after all, turn 5 and will start school in the Fall, which is a big deal around here!

 I grabbed some balloons, baked a cake out of the box, used left over decorations from brothers party and called it good.

 He didn't mind one bit. 

We had a full house of cousins and I loved seeing how excited he was everyone was there for him.

 I can't believe I only have this summer left with him and then ALL of the kids will be in school. *sigh*

But I'll definitely have more time to plan those birthday parties, ha!

Cheers to another year, little buddy.

xo, Vera