Friday, October 14, 2016

Pursuing my dreams.

First off, I haven't blogged since July- shame on me. 
Summer always gets busy with activities before sending the kiddo's off to school and that's just the last thing on my mind.

Second, I finally did it. I'm finally pursuing my dream of working with flowers!!!

Ever since I was young, I've been drawn to flowers {I'm sure you know, if you've been following along long enough}. The simple beauty captivated me and still does.
As I got older, I learned that my love and passion for working with them, was something I wanted to pursue as a career- but life and babies happened.

But my gosh, time flies and now that all my babies are in school full time, I have the freedom to do something I enjoy. 
For months I'd been contemplating whether I would go back to work, but the flower thing kept coming back to mind. I'd wanted to do it for so long and now that I had the freedom to, fear and the unknown had taken over any fun or exciting thought I had about it. 

After having a conversation with a friend and telling her how I was feeling, she encouraged me enough that I knew I needed to just go for it. 

I figured- pursuing my dream and failing at it was still better than not pursuing it at all and always wondering what could of been. 

I'm starting out slow and I haven't officially made an Instagram page or anything of the sort, but when I originally was thinking of a name for the blog, I knew that it needed to be something that I would use for my flower business, to keep it all tied together. 

So here goes nothing! Dreams to reality.

If I could just encourage you to pursue whatever it is you love, like my friend did, I would in person, but this little space is all I have- So go get it, girl!